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At Bell Harbour Dental & Perioinnovations, we specialize in implant dentistry, innovative periodontics and family dentistry. We are committed to helping patients maintain a healthy smile, from preventive care to dental surgery, Dr. Pawlowski and his staff are here to provide you with a positive and comfortable dental experience.

Why a Periodontist? Dr. Pawlowski was a general dentist for years and went back to school at the University of Washington to receive specialist training in Periodontics. Periodontal, Latin for “around the tooth,” procedures are meant to save natural teeth and replace them if needed. When it comes to dental implants, a Periodontist specializes in the complex methods used to place implants in different tissue and bone levels, leaving you with a perfectly placed implant with proper gum aesthetics and bone strength to keep it solid for the rest of your life.

Does experience matter? In the medical field we know that the best way to select a doctor is based on his or her expertise. When a doctor does only one or two procedures a month, the reliability decreases.  However,when a doctor does the same procedure multiple times, the outcomes are reliable and favorable. We know this is true in dentistry as well. This is why specialists are important for periodontal and implant procedures.


Dr. Pawlowski is a leader in dental implant technology, in fact he has placed over 3500 dental implants. He can provide immediate dental implants and temporary crowns in the same visit to replace missing teeth, so you won’t have to be embarrassed by unsightly gaps in your mouth.

Getting prompt treatment for periodontal disease can help keep your whole body healthy! If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, call us today to set up a consultation appointment.

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Do you have dental insurance? We accept most major insurance carriers and we are most likely a preferred provider with your employer. If you have questions about your benefits or preferred insurance we are in network with, call us for details or to schedule an appointment an exam and consultation. grand-opening-promo

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